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Quilting Services

Cozy Mountain Quilts offers high quality, precision quilting services with the Gammill Longarm Quilting Machine, providing the perfect finishing touches to your quilting project. With over ten years of experience, Karmen VonBergen, offers free-hand quilting designs and several hundred pantograph designs to quilt your project with the design you choose.

Cozy Mountain Quilts - Quilting Services

Quilt Preparations

  • Batting and backing fabric must be at least 4" larger on each side of your quilt top.
  • Stay stitch a scant 1/4" around the outside edge of the quilt top, to stabilize the quilt.

  • The backing and quilt top must be squared up and thoroughly pressed.

  • Do not baste or pin your quilt.

  • Trim loose threads.  

Cozy Mountain Quilts - Quilting Services


Quilting Prices
  • Pantographs - start at 0.012 cents per square inch, depending on the density. 

  • Thread Charge - starts at $5.00, depending on the density of the pattern.  

  • Minimum charge: $45.00 plus thread

Cozy Mountain Quilts - Quilting Services

Enjoy your quilted memory and let us help you finish your beautiful projects.
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